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WholesaleX Free Features Guide

WholesaleX is an all-in-one solution to create complete B2B, B2C, or B2B + B2C hybrid stores in WooCommerce. 

It runs with a freemium model. With the free version, you will only get limited features. With the pro version, you can unlock its full potential. However, that doesn’t mean you can not use it without the pro version. Let’s see all of the offerings of the WholesaleX Free version at a glance.

User Roles

The free version of WholesaleX allows us to create unlimited user roles. It is an effective solution for managing multiple users at once. By adding multiple users to a user role, you can facilitate them with offerings and restrict them with conditions.

User Roles

Emails (Freemium)

WholesaleX also comes with a customizable email system. You can add custom mail templates and automate them based on multiple scenarios. The free version of WholesaleX comes with the following Email Template options:


WholesaleX: New User: This mail will notify the store admin about new registrations. When a new user completes registration, the admin will get this mail.

WholesaleX: Registration Approve: This mail will notify the newly registered about the registration approval. It triggers when the store admin accepts a new registration request.

WholesaleX: Email Verification: This mail is for verifying the mail of the new users. It contains a verification code to verify new accounts.

Dynamic Rules (Freemium)

Dynamic Rules is the one-stop solution for adding pricing & discounts to all the WooCommerce B2B store products. You can set pricing and provide discounts on multiple criteria. However, it comes with 13 discount rule creation options. Unfortunately, you can only use the “Product Discount” option with the free version. 

Dynamic Rules
Dynamic Rules

If you upgrade to the pro version of WholesaleX, you can start using all available options, including:

  • Quantity-Based Discounts (Tiered Pricing)
  • Cart Discount
  • Payment Method Discounts
  • Tax Rules 
  • Shipping Rules
  • Payment Order Quantity
  • Extra Charges
  • Buy X Get Y
  • Buy X Get 1 (Bogo Discount)
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Maximum Order Quantity
  • Restrict Product Visibility

Registration Form Builder (Freemium)

WholesaleX also comes with a registration form builder. With this builder, you can effortlessly build B2B registration, login forms, and custom fields. Almost all of the form builder features are available in the free version. However, a few of them are only available on the pro version. 


Want to make WholesaleX more powerful? You can do that by using the addons. However, only one addon is available in the free version. You need to upgrade to the version to unlock all of the addons.


Admin Dashboard

Managing Wholesale stores is very challengings as the admin to needs to up to date with many thinks. That’s we have included a admin dashboard to make thinks as simple as possible. From here, you can get all the notifications and your business progress report.

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