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Migrate from Wholesale Suite

If you’ve been using Wholesale Suite and want to migrate to WholesaleX, the process is quite easy with the new WholesaleX Migration Tool.

Step 1: Access WholesaleX Migration Tool

Go to WholesaleX > Migration Tool in your WordPress dashboard.

Accessing WholesaleX Migration Tool

Step 2: Select Wholesale Suite and Start Migration

Select the Wholesale Suite option from the Migration Tool. Click the “Migrate Now” button to initiate the migration process. The time required for migration will depend on the amount of data in your current store and Wholesale Suite.

Migrating from Wholesale Suite

Step 3: Successful Migration

Congratulations, you’ve now successfully installed, used, and migrated to WholesaleX using the WholesaleX Migration Tool. This streamlined process ensures a smooth transition while retaining all your essential data and settings.

Migration Successful

Which Data will be Migrated from Wholesale Suite?

Here is a guide to check which data/datasets will get imported from Wholesale Suite to WholesaleX.


Wholesale Suite roles will be effortlessly migrated as WholesaleX roles.

Product/Variation Discounts

Wholesale Suite role-wise prices and tiers will be transformed into WholesaleX role-wise price and tier settings.

Category Discounts

Wholesale Suite role-wise tier discounts will be converted into WholesaleX category discounts.

Registration Fields

Registration form fields from Wholesale Suite will be migrated into WholesaleX registration form fields, covering various field types such as text, URL, number, email, password, date, file, telephone, textarea, select, radio, and checkbox.

General Discounts, Shipping Rules, Payment Rules, and Tax Rules

General discounts, shipping rules, payment rules, and tax rules from Wholesale Suite will be migrated as WholesaleX dynamic rules.

Profile Discounts

Profile discounts from Wholesale Suite will be carried over as WholesaleX profile discounts.


Users from Wholesale Suite will be migrated as WholesaleX users.

[Note: Remember, you can only migrate once.]

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