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Tax Management

Display Prices With or Without Tax

Let’s show you how you can display product prices with or without tax.

Global Settings

The display prices setting in WholesaleX allows you to choose how prices are shown on the shop, cart, and checkout pages. You can select whether to display prices with tax included, tax excluded, or using the default settings of your WooCommerce setup.

In WholesaleX settings, Select the desired option (WooCommerce default, including tax, or excluding tax) under the “Display Prices in the Shop” and “Display Prices in Cart and Checkout Page” settings to display prices including/excluding tax in the shop, cart, and checkout page.

User Roles

With WholesaleX User Roles settings, you can specify how prices are displayed for different user roles. This allows you to show prices, including tax, excluding tax, or using the default settings specifically for each user role.

Choose the user role, and then select the preferred display option (default, include tax, or exclude tax) under the “Display Prices” section. Save the settings to apply the tax display preference for that user role.

Include/Exclude Tax

You can also include/exclude tax with WholesaleX. Let’s see how you can do that.

Dynamic Rules

Creating dynamic rules in WholesaleX allows you to include or exclude tax based on specific conditions. These rules enable you to define tax exemption for specific users or products, allowing you to customize the tax management based on your requirements.

Follow this Tax Rule documentation for a detailed walkthrough.

Specific User Profile

For individual user profiles, you can set tax inclusion or exclusion. This feature lets you define whether a user should pay the tax or not, offering personalized tax management for specific users.

Navigate to the user’s profile and go to WholesaleX Profile Settings section. Then choose the desired tax preference in “Tax Exemption”(include or exclude tax). Save the changes to apply the tax settings to that user.

These methods allow you to manage tax display and inclusion/exclusion globally, based on user roles, through dynamic rules, or for specific user profiles.

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