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General Features (Basic)
Registration & Login FormMake your own form for registration and login
reCAPTCHA IntegrationEnable reCAPTCHA to stay safe from bots and other malwares
reCAPTCHA SettingsSettings to customize reCAPTCHA
User Role CreationCreate user roles and manage it
Registration Form Builder (Custom)Create custom registration form by adding required fields
Billing Form Builder (Custom)Create custom billing form by adding required fields
Shortcode FacilitiesWordPress shortcode integration to add forms in any page
General Features (Email)
Email Approval for New UsersEnable and set what email users receive after approval
Email for Registration ApprovalEnable and set what email users receive after registration approval
Email Verification (For All Users)Enable and set what email user will receive after user verification
Email Smart TagsSmart tags helps to create different types of email templates
Registration Pending EmailEnable and set what email user will receive when registration is pending
Declined Registration EmailEnable and set what email user will receive when registration is declined
Conversation & Quote
Conversation (In-Built)WholesaleX’s in-built conversation system between users and admin
Custom MessagingUsers can start messaging to admin
Custom InquiryUsers can start an inquiry about products to admin
Request A Quote (Registered User)Registered users can send quotation requests to admin
Request A Quote (Guest User)Guest users can send quotation requests to admin
Unlimited Quotation OfferUsers can make quotations for products as much as they want
Easy Reply on Quote RequestsUsers and admins can easily reply for quotation requests
Conversation Settings (Customization)Settings for all the conversation related options
WholesaleX Wallet
WholesaleX Wallet Management (User-BasedWholsaleX very own payment system to purchase products
Easy Wallet Top-Up (User)Users can easily add funds with regular payment system
Custom Wallet Top-Up (Admin)Admin can add funds on specific user accounts
Bulk Order
Bulk Order Form (Wholesale Order Form)Save time by ordering multiple products from one place
Add Unlimited Products in Bulk OrderUsers can add infinite amount of products in their order based of availability
Easy Save OrderUsers can save their bulk order form to order on a later time
1-Click Add to CartUsers can directly add products to cart in just a click
Save Product List from Add to Cart PageUsers can also save their product list from the cart page
Easy Reordering from Saved OrderUser can use the saved order form to reorder the same products again
Clear Session after Saving Purchase ListEnabling this setting will clear the bulk order from when users save their list
Clear Cart Page After Saving Purchase ListEnabling this setting will clear the cart when users save their list
Disable Filter on Bulk Order FormThis setting will disable the category and tag filter in the search option in bulk order form
Easy Product SearchUsers can easily search and add products via category and tag in the bulk order form
Shortcode for Separate Bulk Order PageAdmins can create a separate page for a bulk order form
Dynamic Discount
Product Discount (Basic)Set simple and basic product discount
User Role Based DiscountsSet discounts based on user roles
Quantity Based DiscountSet discounts based on quantity
Cart DiscountSet discounts based on products added to cart
Payment DiscountSet discounts based on payment method
Tax RuleSet tax exemptions on products
Shipping RuleSet free shipping on products
Payment Order QuantitySet how many items users can purchase on specific payment gateway
Extra ChargeSet extra charge on specific payment gateway
Buy X Get YBuy X amount of products to get discounts on product Y or get a free product Y
Minimum Order QuantitySet a minimum order quantity for users
Maximum Order QuantitySet a maximum order quantity for users
Restrict Product VisibilityHide specific or all products based on user and user roles
Quantity Based Discount PrioritySet the priority of which will be applied if there are multiple discounts
Easy Product Filtration for Dynamic DiscountsAdmins can easily filter products when setting different types of discounts
Multiple Discount TypesChoose between multiple discount types (discount amount/percentage, fixed price)
Discount Naming PossibilitiesAdmins can name the discounts to easily locate them
Discounts Based on Cart Total QuantitySet discounts based on total quantity of products in cart
Discounts Based on Cart Total ValueSet discounts based on total value of products in cart
Discounts Based on Cart Total WeightSet discounts based on total weight of products in cart
Discounts Based on User Order CountSet discounts based on how many times the user ordered
Discounts Based on Total Purchase AmountSet discounts based on the total purchase amount of a user
Date Based DiscountSet discounts based on dates (ie, discounts will available from dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yy)
Easy Discount LimitLimit the number of discounts users can claim
Private Store
Private Store Settings (Admin)All the customization settings for a private store on admin end
Change Redirection URL for Private StoreEasily change the redirection URL of a private store
Product Visibility based on UsersApply product visibility based of specific users
Product Visibility based on User RolesApply product visibility based of specific user roles
Hide Retail PriceEnabling this will hide the retail price on the store
Hide Wholesale PriceEnabling this will hide the wholesale price on the store
Show Login to View Price on Product Listing PageEnabling this will require login to see the price on product listing page
Show Login to View Price on Single Product PageEnabling this will require login to see the price on single product page
Customization Settings
Store Options (Only B2B, Only B2C, B2B+B2C Hybrid)Make your store B2B, B2C or B2B+B2C Hybrid
Customizable Price Related Settings (Admin)All the price related settings for the admin end
Customizable Language and Text Settings (Admin)Change the language and texts from the admin end
General Customization Settings (Admin)All the necessary generalized customization settings
Customizable Design Related Settings (Admin)Design and color related settings
Settings to Clear Cart After Request Custom Quote Admins can enable settings to clear the cart when users request custom quotations
Tier Layout Design SettingsSelect different design variation of tiers which will display on product page
Bulk Order Settings (Admin)All the necessary settings for bulk order feature
Other Benefits
DocumentationComprehensive documentation and guides
Video TutorialsComprehensive video guides and tutorials
Blog PostsA vast amount of dedicated blog posts to help users
Join the Amazing CommunityJoin our user community and stay updated
WordPress.org SupportExtensive support on wordpress.org
Quick Support (Queued)Extensive queue based user support
Premium High Priority SupportQuick and live priority support for users
14-Days Money Back GuaranteeEasy refund policies

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It has practically all the functions I need, and all of them are very complete. I already left suggestions for interesting additions to the plugin and they responded positively. The plugin is in constant development and with each update, it gets even better. Thanks to the developers!

Eduardo Boeing

Founder, Poetic

Frequently Asked Questions

WholesaleX is the simplest solution for you if you want to create a B2B, B2C, or B2B and B2C hybrid store in WooCommerce.
You can easily add WholesaleX to your existing store if you have created your store in WordPress using WooCOmmerce.
Yes, we have a 14-day easy refund policy. So you can easily claim a refund within 14 days of the purchase date, and we will give you 100% of your money if you are eligible.
Yes, you run a B2B and B2C store together using WholesaleX. It is a quick mode switching option between B2B, B2C, and B2B+B2C Hybrid.
Your site will work as usual even after the 1-year site license expires. However, you will no longer be able to use the pro features.
Yes, you will get regular updates for WholesaleX. And you can get priority support from our dedicated support team.
No coding knowledge is required to use the WholesaleX plugin. However, you can quickly start using all the features if you know how to use WordPress and WooCommerce.
No, you must create your store using WooCommerce. Without that, you can not use the WholesaleX plugin to enjoy the B2B features.
If your question is not listed, please contact us from here.