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Pro Version Activation

With the free version of the plugin, users can access basic features to get started. However, the premium version is available for those needing more features and capabilities.

To purchase and use the premium version of the plugin, users must first be registered users. After purchasing the WholesaleX Pro Plugin, users will receive a license key which they can use to activate the plugin. 

Pro Version Installation

The manual installation process is also easy enough to understand.

First, download the WholesaleX plugin file from Official Website of WholesaleX!

  • Go to My Accounts.
Getwholesalex Website My Account
  • Select Download form My Account dropdown. Then, Download the File.
Download WholesaleX ZIP File
  • Go to the “Plugins” section on your WordPress dashboard. Click “Add New”
All Plugins Page
  • Now you will see an “Upload Plugin” button at the top left. Click on it.
Upload Plugin
  • Finally, click the Choose File button and upload plugin file from your download directory.
Choose File ZIP
  • You can now Install the WholesaleX plugin.
Install the Zipped Plugin
  • Then, Activate the plugin and use it.
Activate Plugin After Installing

Pro Version Activation

To activate pro version, users must first log in to their WholesaleX account using their email and password to get the license key.

  • Go to My AccountMy Order. Then, Click on ‘View Details and Downloads.
Getwholesalex My Order Page
  • Now, copy the license key
Copy WholesaleX License Key

Note: Remember to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin. Otherwise you won’t be able to use WholesaleX.

Once they have the license key, they can go to their WordPress Dashboard, and under the ‘WholesaleX’ tab, click ‘License’ and paste the license key. Finally, click the ‘Check and Save’ button to complete the licensing process.

Add New License

You will see a activation message once you activated the license key successfully.

Activated License Key

The license can be deactivated to be used elsewhere. Users can monitor the license renewal status from their WholesaleX Order page. 

The premium version of WholesaleX offers a range of features designed to help users grow their businesses. With this version, users can access advanced features such as Bulk Order, Request A Quote, reCAPTCHA, Wallet, Conversation, Subaccount, and much more. With the premium version of WholesaleX, users can take their business to the next level.

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