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This addon allows us to efficiently create and manage subaccounts with the permission we want to make available for the account holder. It also allows us to mail new account opening notifications to the subaccount holder. And notification mail to admin once any subaccount holder places an order.

How to enable the Subaccounts features on the My Account Page

First, let’s see how we can make the subaccounts feature. For that, we need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Turn on Subaccounts Addon

We need to go to all addons sections for WholesaleX. From here, we need to enable the Subaccounts addons to make it available for the Registered Users.

Turn on Subaccounts Addon
Turn on Subaccounts Addon

Step 2: Turn on The Payment Alternative (Optional)

We can set up an order approval system for the subaccount holders. WholesaleX has an option that works as an alternative to payment gateways.

Turn on The Payment Alternative
Turn on The Payment Alternative

We must go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payments to enable the option. Here, we can see all available payment gateway options. For now, let’s enable the “Subaccount Order Approval Required.” 

Step 3: Make It Available For Desired Users

Now, it’s time to enable the subaccounts feature and the payment gateway alternatives for our desired users. WholesaleX makes the process easier with the user role creation options. It is the most effective way to manage multiple users at once.

To make the subaccounts feature available for a group of users, we can use our existing user roles or create a new one. Here’s how:

Make It Available For Desired Users
Make It Available For Desired Users
  • Go to The User Role Section
  • Start Configuring the Existing User Role
  • Enable the Payment Method Alternative Option
  • Enable Subaccounts Creation Option
  • Exclude Specific Users (If Required)

How a Customer can use the Subaccounts Feature

Now, let’s see the subaccounts feature from a B2B user’s perspective. Once the admin enables the addon, it is available for registered customers.

From this section, the registered users can create as many subaccounts as they want. Let’s see how:

The users must go to their “My Account Page” and then to the Subaccounts section. Here, they will see all available subaccounts. To create a new account, they need to click on the “Create Subaccount” button.

Creating a Subaccount
Creating a Subaccount

Now, the user needs to fill up the required fields with the Subaccount Holder’s information that, includes:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Password 
  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
filling required informations
filling required information

After filling in the required fields, they must also set the account permission for the current subaccount holder. Following are the available permission option that can be provided to the subaccount holder by the main account holder.

  • Place an Order
  • View all account orders
  • View all account conversations
  • View all account purchase lists
  • Can Top Up Wallet
  • Order Approval Required
Setting Permissions
Setting Permissions

How Can Subaccount Holders Use Their Account?

Once the main account holder creates a subaccount, the subaccount holder will be notified via mail with login credentials. So, they can log in to the “My Account Page” using the credentials and get all the access according to the permission.

What Happens When Approval is Required for Making Orders By Subaccounts Holders

As we have already seen, we can let the subaccount holders make orders with the approval of the main account holder by replacing options as alternative payment gateways. Now, let’s see how it works from a user’s perspective.

First, we need to tick the “Order Approval Required.” So that the subaccount holder will only be able to add products to the cart, but they will not be able to complete the checkout process. They can send an approval request to the main account holder.

Notify Main Account for Approval
Notify Main Account for Approval

Once a subaccount holder places an order, the main account holder will be notified via mail. And it will also be available in the Orders section on the “My Account Page.” 

Order Approval Notification
Order Approval Notification

So the main account holder can approve the order to let the subaccount holder complete the order by making the required payment.

However, the main account holder can also pay to complete the order.

Email Templates for Subaccounts Management

As a main account holder, managing the subaccounts is difficult. But don’t worry; WholesaleX comes with an Email system. There are 5 custom mail templates available to manage the process smoothly. We have already provided some basic templates. These should ensure smooth communication between main and subaccount holders.

However, you can change it with your email templates. But before going into that, you should know how and when the available triggers.

To find the email templates, go to the “Email” section of WholesaleX. Here, you can see all available options for sending emails. You can enable or disable them as per your requirements. And click on any of the available templates to see the content. 

Here you can see a ready email template. You can edit the email subject and contents as well. We have included some smart tags to make things simpler for you. After editing any template, you must click the “Save Changes” button to update it.

Now, let’s explore and understand the purpose of the email templates which are available for the Subaccounts feature.

Email Templates for Subaccounts
Email Templates for Subaccounts

WholesaleX: Email Template for Subaccounts Creation

This mail is for notifying the new subaccounts holder for which the main account holder has created an account. As it is an account creation mail, it contains login credentials.

WholesaleX: Email Template For Order Placed By Subaccount

This mail is for notifying the main account holder that one of their subaccounts has placed an order. It contains the order number and name of the subaccount used to place the order.

WholesaleX: Email Template For Subaccount Order Approval

This email triggers when a main account holder approves the order request sent by a subaccount holder. 

WholesaleX: Email Template For Subaccount Order Rejection

This email triggers when a main account holder rejects the order request sent by a subaccount holder. 

WholesaleX: Email Template For Parent Account to Approve Order

This email is for notifying the main account holder when a subaccount holder sends an order approval request.

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