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Private Store

Making your stores private is a great way to increase the number of registered users. This guide will show you how to make your store private to logged-in users using WholesaleX.

With WholesaleX, you can make your store private so only ‌logged-in users can access your store. You can even control the visibility of your products

Step 1: Go to WholesaleX’s Settings.

First, we need to go to ‌WholesaleX’s setting page. From your website’s dashboard, click on WholesaleX, then click on Settings.

Go to WholesaleX settings  - Private Store
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on WholesaleX.
  • Click on Settings.

Step 2: Check the “Make The Store Private” Box.

On the settings page, scroll down until you see the “Make The Store Private” option. Check the box next to “Make The Store Private” if you want, and you can make your store private.

Scroll Down
Check The Book
  • Click on the check box if you want to make the store private to logged out users.

Step 3: Enter Force Redirect URL

When you turn on the make the store private option, an additional “Force Redirect URL” column will appear below “Make The Store Private”. You can redirect the logged-out user to a specific page or post. You can even redirect them to the registration page, so they are forced to register to access your store. Enter the URL of the page where you want to send your unregistered users in the field next to “Force Redirect URL.”

Enter the URL of the page you want to force redirect the logged-out users to.
  • Enter the URL of the page you want to force redirect the logged-out users to.

Step 4: Save the Changes.

Once you click on the Save Changes button, your store will become private. Now only your registered user will have access to the store.

Click on the Save Changes button.
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

You can make your store private or public anytime. WholesaleX lets you change the visibility of your store with just a few clicks.

Whitelist URL

If you want users to visit some sections of your store without registration you can do that. You can let guest users visit these specific pages.

All you have to do is, add the URL in the “Whitelist URL (For Private Store)” textbox. And if you want to add multiple URLs, you can do that too with a “comma ( , )” separator.

WholesaleX Whitelist URL

For example: freevisit.com/guests, example.com/guests and etc.

This means guest users, unregistered users, or non-logged users can visit these URLs without any issues.

Final Output

Now, as a guest user, we are automatically redirected to the registration page when we try to access the store.

Final Output


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