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WholesaleX is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to help WooCommerce store owners manage and grow their wholesale business. With WholesaleX, you can easily create and manage custom product pricing, discounts, and other special offers for your wholesale customers.

And the addons it provides help make the perfect and complete B2B+B2C Hybrid WooCommerce Stores.

Currently, it is providing 6 major addons that facilitate the B2B store creation and management. 

WholesaleX Addons
WholesaleX Addons

The following are addons that you’ll get with WholesaleX:

  • Bulk Order
  • Request A Quote
  • Wallet
  • Conversation
  • Subaccount

Using these 6 addons and the intuitiveness of WholesaleX, any user can create a WooCommerce B2B store, however, and whatever they feel like. And this can align with their thoughts and helps them reach new heights.


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