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Registration Form Builder

Premade Form Templates

Don’t like building from scratch? Well, you don’t need to. The WholesaleX form builder comes with professionally designed templates letting you kick-start the building from the process.
Premade Templates
Conditional Field

Dynamic Conditional Fields

Display or hide fields based on predefined conditions. So you can collect additional information as per your requirements. For example, you may want to collect TIN only from the B2B users.

Role Selection Option on Registration Form

You can allow the users to choose their desired role while registering. So that, you can manage all of your B2B+B2C users with a single registration and login form.
Role Selection Option
Conditional Field

Additional Custom Fields

If you want to get specific information from your users, you can add custom fields to get that information from the registration form.
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Reg and Login Page

Custom Registration & Login Page

WholesaleX lets you create registration and login forms with additional custom & conditional fields. Select from a set of fields and make them required to create a perfect registration & login form that suits your needs.

Don’t Miss Out on These Interesting Features

clear order form session

Set Mandatory Fields

WholesaleX also lets you make some fields mandatory, so users must provide certain information on the registration form.
Excludes Fields

Excludes Fields from User Roles

While making some fields mandatory, you can also hide some fields from specific user roles. So those users won’t have to fill up those fields while registering.
Redirect Page URL

Redirect Page URL (After Login)

Want your users to go to the shop page, my account page, or any other pages after a successful login? Simply change the redirection page URL to let users visit a specific page.
Registration Approval

Auto or Manual Registration Approval

Handling the store alone? Enable the auto registration approval to get rid of the hassle. Or, have a dedicated team for your store? Enable manual approval to handle the registrations manually.
Registration Approval

Add Custom Fields to Default Registration Form

As WholesaleX’s form builder allows us to create custom fields, you can also add them to the default registration form of your WooCommerce store if required.
Registration Approval

Add Fileds to Billing Form (Checkout)

You can collect additional information from the customers while checking out by adding a custom field to the billing form. You can also make the field mandatory to fill up.

Explore Other Features

WholesaleX is not limited to only this feature. It’s an all-in-one solution to create conversion-focused Wholesale stores in WooCommerce. So don’t forget to explore all the exciting features.

User Roles

Customizable user roles & access levels, with custom discounts to create better customer experiences.
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Bulk Order From

Limitless bulk ordering with search options with categories & tags. Easy save and add to cart included.
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WholesaleX Wallet

WholesaleX wallet with no transaction fees & easy top-up option for seamless payment across the store.
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The in-built conversation feature lets customers message store owners and inquire about products.
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Request Quote

Negotiate prices or save, edit, and manage quotes easily with the ‘Request A Quote’ feature.
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Private Store

Create a one-click private store with secure login, control product/category visibility.
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Dynamic Rules

Customizable rules for personal pricing & discounts with segmentation, targeting and multi-tier discounts.
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It has practically all the functions I need, and all of them are very complete. I already left suggestions for interesting additions to the plugin and they responded positively. The plugin is in constant development and with each update, it gets even better. Thanks to the developers!

Eduardo Boeing

Founder, Poetic

Frequently Asked Questions

WholesaleX is the simplest solution for you if you want to create a B2B, B2C, or B2B and B2C hybrid store in WooCommerce.
You can easily add WholesaleX to your existing store if you have created your store in WordPress using WooCommerce.
Yes, we have a 14-day easy refund policy. So you can easily claim a refund within 14 days of the purchase date, and we will give you 100% of your money if you are eligible.
Yes, you can run a B2B and B2C store together using WholesaleX. It contains a quick mode switching option between B2B, B2C, and B2B+B2C Hybrid.
Your site will work as usual even after the 1-year site license expires. However, you will no longer be able to use the pro features.
Yes, you will get regular updates for WholesaleX. And you can get priority support from our dedicated support team.
No coding knowledge is required to use the WholesaleX plugin. However, you can quickly start using all the features if you know how to use WordPress and WooCommerce.
No, you don’t need any coding knowledge to use the WholesaleX plugin. However, you can quickly start using all the features if you know how to use WordPress and WooCommerce.

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