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Payment Order Quantity

For businesses, some payment methods are more convenient than others. Regardless of our preferences, ‌customers will pick the payment gateway

 most convenient to them.

With WholesaleX’s payment order quantity feature, you can set a quantity required that the customer will need to meet to be eligible to use certain payment gateways. This is a great way to incentivize your business to have to use the inconvenient payment gateway.

Payment Order Quantity

With WholesaleX’s dynamic rule features, you can easily set the Payment Order Quantity.

This guide will show you how you can set the Payment Order Quantity with a few simple clicks.

Step 1: Create a New Rule

First, go to ‌WordPress Dashboard and select WholesaleX. Now, you have to go to ‌dynamic rules to create a rule for a quantity restriction. So, let’s go there, and from the dropdown menu, select the Dynamic Rules option.  This will bring up a new window where you can create a rule. Now, click the Create Dynamic Rule option and click the untitled Rule to expand further. 

Create a New Rule
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on WholesaleX.
  • Click on Dynamic Rules.
  • Click on the Create Dynamic Rule button.
  • Click on the newly created Untitled Rule.

Step 2: Name A Rule

Let’s start by giving a name to the rule, so when you have quite a few rules for your store, it will help us find the rule. So let’s name it from the rule title box. After you type it in, you’ll see the changed untitled rule. In this case, it’s a Payment Order Quantity.

Enter the name of the rule.
  • Enter the name of the rule.

Step 3: Choose the Payment Order Quantity Rule Type

WholesaleX offers quite a few quantity-control options for your store. But as we are discussing Payment order quantity, select Payment Order Quantity from the Rule Type dropdown menu. 

Select Payment Order Quantity from the “Rule Type” dropdown menu.
  • Select Payment Order Quantity from the “Rule Type” dropdown menu.

Step 4: Selecting User/Role

Then, select the type of user or role you would like to restrict the quantity to. You need to select the type of users as per your requirements for which customers the quantity control will apply. WholesaleX lets you select All Users, All Roles, Specific Users, or Specific Roles.

Select your preferred user/role from the “User/Role” dropdown menu.
  • Select your preferred user/role from the “User/Role” dropdown menu.

Step 5: Selecting Product (Product Filtering)

After this, select the product filter from the dropdown menu to which you would like to apply the rule. Because not just users and user roles, your quantity restrictions can be product-specific, so you need to select them for better quantity control.

Select your preferred product filter from the “Product Filter” dropdown menu.
  • Select your preferred product filter from the “Product Filter” dropdown menu.

Step 6: Select Payment Gateway.

We have to select the payment gateways to which quantity restrictions will be applied. You can set the restriction to a single payment gateway or multiple gateways at once. All your payment gateways will be shown in the dropdown menu. You will just need to Select the payment gateways.

Select the Payment Gateways.
  • Select the Payment Gateways.

Step 7: Set the Payment Order Quantity

We will now need to set the Payment Order Quantity so that ‌users are restricted from ordering less than the set amount. We will enter 10 as our Payment order quantity in this guide.

Set the Order Quantity,
  • Set the Order Quantity,

Step 7: Selecting Additional Quantity Restriction Options (Optional)

Also, WholesaleX offers optional conditions to customize your quantity restriction. Like, you can set restrictions based on specific cart quantity, value, weight, user order count (the number of times the user has ordered), and total purchase amount. Also, you can use multiple optional conditions for much more specific restrictions.

Set additional conditions if needed.
  • Set additional conditions if needed.

Disclaimer: Conditions are optional, but if any conditions exist for a specific dynamic rule, then for applying the rule, conditions must be fulfilled.

Step 8: Set Duration & Usage Limit.

You can select the Start Date and End Date, which define the date users can get this restriction with WholesaleX. This setting is for time-limited restrictions, and you can conveniently select the time and date for the restriction to show up. You can also create restrictions beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about setting a new restriction rule on a specific day.

Set the duration and usage limit if needed.
  • Set the duration and usage limit if needed.

Step 9: Save and Activate

After you’re done with your quantity restriction setup, you need to save it and activate the rule. Simply toggle the rule status bar and click save to save and activate your dynamic rule.

Click on the save button.
  • Click on the save button.
  • Toggle the rule status button to activate the rule.

You can edit the Payment-order-quantity Dynamic Rule anytime to increase or decrease the requirement of Payment order anytime using WholesaleX.

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