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WholesaleX for Dokan Integration: Transform Your Store into B2B Multivendor Marketplace

WholesaleX for Dokan Integration

Are you ready to take your multivendor marketplace to the next level? If you’re using Dokan, you’re already familiar with multivendor marketplaces. 

But what if you could transform it into a B2B multivendor marketplace that caters to wholesalers? Well, you’re in luck! 

Introducing the game-changing WholesaleX for Dokan integration that will revolutionize your online marketplace.

Why Use WholesaleX for Dokan Integration?

WholesaleX seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and Dokan, giving you the tools to turn your regular multivendor marketplace into a wholesaling powerhouse. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to add B2B features to your existing marketplace, WholesaleX has you covered.


Before diving into the world of B2B multivendor excellence, you’ll need a few essential plugins:

  • WooCommerce
  • Dokan
  • WholesaleX (Version 1.2.4 and up)
  • WholesaleX for Dokan Integration Addon Enabler

Make sure to install and activate these plugins to get started.

Video Tutorial

Here’s a video guide for you to help you understand the process:

Unlock Wholesale B2B Features for Your Vendors

To enable the B2B features for your vendors, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and Turn on the Addon

Head to WholesaleX > Addons section and click the install and activate button of WholesaleX for Dokan Integration addon. And then simply activate it.

Install and Activate WholesaleX for Dokan Integration Addon

Step 2: Allow Desired Features for Vendors

In WholesaleX > Settings > Dokan Integration, customize the B2B experience for your vendors by enabling options such as Dynamic Rules, Role-Based Pricing, WholesaleX Options on the product editing page, and Conversations.

Enable WholesaleX for Dokan Integration
Settings for Vendors

Easy User Role Creation with WholesaleX

Creating specific user roles is crucial for a B2B marketplace. WholesaleX makes it easy to separate regular users from B2B users, set role-specific prices, apply discounts, and manage product visibility. 

WholesaleX User Roles Section

Streamlined Registration with WholesaleX

In a B2B marketplace, customer registration is a crucial step. WholesaleX Registration Form Builder lets you create customized registration forms, ensuring customers are assigned roles like B2B or Wholesale to access discounts and wholesale prices.

WholesaleX Registration Form Section

Empowering Vendors with Role-Based Pricing

Thanks to the WholesaleX for Dokan integration, vendors can set user role-based pricing effortlessly. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Select the Product and Add Wholesale Price

In Dokan Dashboard > Products, vendors can edit a product. Scroll down to the “B2B WholesaleX Special” section, select the desired role (e.g., “B2B Users”), and set the Base Price and Sale Price.

Edit Products from Vendor Dashboard

Step 2: Create Tiered Pricing

Vendors can create tiered pricing by adding multiple price tiers based on minimum quantities. Click “Add Price Tiers” to configure additional pricing tiers.

Tiered Pricing from Vendor Product Page

Step 3: Save the Product

To activate role-based or tiered pricing, scroll to the bottom of the product page and click “Save Product.”

Save Product from Vendor Product Page

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Admin Control Over Wholesale Prices

Marketplace administrators can easily override wholesale prices set by vendors. Go to the WooCommerce Product page, identify products with discounts in the “WholesaleX Rule On” section, and edit the discounts as needed.

Admin Overriding Vendor Product Discount

Effortless Use of Dynamic Rules

For vendors looking to add wholesale prices to multiple products efficiently, WholesaleX offers the Dynamic Rule feature. 

Vendors can create, edit, and manage all wholesale discounts from one central location:

Step 1: Create a New Dynamic Rule

Go to Dokan Dashboard > Dynamic Rules and click “Create Dynamic Rule.

Dynamic Rules Creation by Vendor

Step 2: Fill Up the Fields

Name the rule, select the “rule type” (e.g., Product Discount, Quantity Based Discount), choose user roles, filter products or attributes, and set the discount type and conditions.

Dynamic Rules Setup by Vendor

Step 3: Save and Enable the Rule

Save the rule and toggle the “Rule status” button to activate it.

Saving and Enabling Rule by Vendor

Complete Control for the Store Admin

Marketplace admins have complete control over dynamic rules set by vendors. Visit WholesaleX > Dynamic Rules to view the list of vendor rules and make necessary modifications. Disabling the rule status of any rules made by vendors will deactivate the rule.

Admin Overriding Dynamic Rules by Vendor

Seamless Communication with WholesaleX Conversations

Customers and vendors can communicate effortlessly using the WholesaleX Conversation feature:

For Customers

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to My Account > Conversations.
  2. Click “New Conversation,” select the vendor, choose the conversation mode (Inquiry, Message, or Quote), add a title, and compose your message. Click “Start Conversation” to initiate contact.
Conversation Fields for Customers

For Vendors

  1. Vendors can access conversations from Vendor Dashboard > Conversation.
  2. Reply to conversations by typing messages in the text field and clicking “Reply” to engage with customers.
Conversation Feature for Vendor

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Using the WholesaleX for Dokan integration, you can elevate your regular multivendor marketplace into a thriving B2B multivendor powerhouse. Start your journey today, and watch your marketplace flourish by getting more customers.

Best Wishes on Your B2B Multivendor Adventure!

Ready to turn your regular Dokan marketplace into a B2B multivendor marketplace? Try WholesaleX today!

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