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E-commerce For Wholesale Distribution [How does it Work?]

E-commerce for Wholesale Distribution

The wholesale e-commerce industry is flourishing day by day. And global wholesale e-commerce sales are likely to reach $9.2 trillion worldwide in 2023.

So, there are a lot of opportunities for wholesalers to use e-commerce platforms and excel in their business. However, a business has to choose the right platform and tools to manage its online store. 

If you own a wholesale e-commerce start-up or want to know about e-commerce for wholesale distribution, this article will help you. In addition, we’ll guide you on how to manage a WooCommerce wholesale store using a WooCommerce wholesale plugin- WholesaleX. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

What is Wholesale E-commerce?

Wholesale e-commerce simply means the online platforms that connect businesses and customers to trade in bulk amounts. It’s a virtual way to help buyers and sellers to operate the business.

An e-commerce platform can easily manage the complete cycle of wholesale transactions

The digital marketplace has made it possible to connect manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers in one place. Plus, there are plenty of business-friendly features like bulk ordering, discounted pricing, inventory management, a secure transaction system, etc.  

E-commerce for Wholesale Distribution [7 Ways Wholesalers Can Benefit From Using E-commerce]

E-commerce platforms have made business easier than ever. Wholesalers can grow their businesses with the blessings of e-commerce. Here are seven ways that wholesalers can benefit from online stores:  

Reaching a larger customer base worldwide

A study found that 49% of B2B purchases are now made online

So, using e-commerce platforms, wholesalers have the option to expand their business without any geolocational constraints. B2B sales are made possible worldwide using social media, websites, and various marketplaces. 

You can use the WooCommerce wholesale plugin- WholesaleX to expand your wholesale business. It’ll help you with everything from creating an online store to managing sales and reaching a larger customer worldwide. 

Getting a higher return on investment 

Business is all about profit maximization and cost minimization. Wholesalers have more opportunities to advertise their offers and sell bulk goods. Ultimately, the mechanism is helping them to grow more revenue with a reduced amount of cost. 

WholesaleX is an all-in-one wholesale solution for WooCommerce to create B2B and B2B + B2C hybrid stores. It comes with a lot of advanced features like wholesale discounts, bulk order forms, tiered pricing, role-based discounts, shipping method-based discounts, tax exemptions, and so on.

These features will help your business get better revenue. 

Enhancing customer satisfaction

As all the records are tracked via the system, wholesalers can design their offerings based on customer preferences. In this way, you can make decisions considering customer’s behavior, history, and other data. 

WholesaleX will enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. The plugin shows a quote requesting button on the cart page to let the customers start price negotiation. Plus, WooCommerce stores can use the built-in conversation feature of the plugin to communicate with registered customers.

Saving time and money

Wholesale distribution has become easier through online stores and marketplaces. These platforms save both time and money for both sellers and buyers.  

Wholesalers can easily get customer acquisition by creating a custom registration and login form using WholesaleX. Plus, with a lot of third-party integrations, you can ease the whole business process. And as it has a free plan to get started, you’re saving your money at the same time. 

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Automating manual processes

The manual process is much more time-consuming. By using the right e-commerce platform and tools, you can automate your whole business.

You will get features like checkout, billing, and inventory management in WooCommerce plugins or apps. Fortunately, WholesaleX comes with the features to help you automate your business. 

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Strategic and data-driven decision-making

If you own a website, you will be able to access a lot of valuable data and insights. These data on customer behaviour, trends, and preferences will help you to make decisions strategically. 

As you can make registration forms and keep track of your orders with WholesaleX, it’ll allow you to make strategic decisions.

Cost-effective marketing 

HubSpot Marketing found that marketing automation can increase sales productivity at the same time can lower marketing costs by 12.2%. 

With the help of several tools and automated systems, marketing is no more a hassle. You can easily advertise on your website, social media, and email campaigns. 

Using WholesaleX email notifications for customers, you can send email campaigns. And, nowadays marketing is much more cost effective and efficient to engage potential clients.

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How to Choose a Wholesale E-commerce Platform

There are many popular e-commerce platforms for wholesale such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc. You can choose the best wholesale eCommerce platform based on your requirements. Here, we have a guide on how to choose the best wholesale platform. 

Customization & Flexibility

To run your wholesale business in a platform that will take you through a lot of tools and operations. So, you should look for a platform that lets you customize the user interface, branding, and features to match your business.

Go for a platform that easily integrates with several CRM systems, payment gateways, and marketing tools.

Wholesale comes with a flexible wholesale platform to help you customize the user interface, branding, and features to match your business. 

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Seamless Integrations

An online store needs a lot of features and third-party services to manage the business. So, you should choose the wholesale platform that offers easy integration with third-party tools. Make sure that your chosen platform can connect with your existing systems like ERP or CRM software. 

WholesaleX has integration with Dokan that allows you to transform your Dokan Marketplace into a Multivendor Wholesale Marketplace. 

Smooth User Experience 

The user interface is one of the most important factors when choosing the right e-commerce platform. It needs to be clean, intuitive, attractive, and easy to use.

Multiple Payment Options

Check whether the e-commerce platform supports multiple payment methods or not. As you’re running a wholesale business, secure payment system is a must. At the same time, there should be multiple options like credit cards, debit cards, and payment using wallets. 

The WholesaleX plugin will help you to use popular payment gateways like PayPal. Plus, it comes with its own built-in payment system (WholsaleX Wallet) to collect payments securely. You can also set wholesale pricing for your products depending on user roles and start selling bulk products. 

Security Features

Wholesale platforms should prioritize security features to protect sensitive data. So, you should go for the platform that offers security features. For example, regular updates for checking vulnerabilities and strong encryption features will help to secure business and customer data.

WholesaleX offers a feature named restricted guest access. The plugin can hide your WooCommerce store from the logged-out users to privatize it from the guest users. It will also protect your B2B store from the threat of spam and misuse with reCAPTCHA

How to Manage a WooCommerce Wholesale Store Using a Plugin 

An e-commerce wholesale store requires a lot of things to manage. Fortunately, you’ve got a simple solution – installing the best WooCommerce wholesale plugin.  

By using a WooCommerce wholesale plugin, you can extend the functionality of your online store. For example, you can –

  • Easily create and categorize products
  • Accept streamlined online payments
  • Implement flexible tax configurations 
  • Get customized shipping solutions
  • Access comprehensive sales insights

There are plenty of free and paid WooCommerce wholesale plugins for WordPress. Among them, we recommend using WholesaleX – WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin.

Why WholesaleX?

WholesaleX is one of the most dynamic wholesale distributor plugins for WooCommerce. Using this powerful WordPress plugin, you can create and manage your wholesale store easily. 

Fortunately, it will help you from creating an online store to giving discounts to managing users. Moreover, you can make registration forms and keep track of your orders.

How to manage a WooCommerce Wholesale Store with WholesaleX

Plus, there are intuitive features like product filtering, bulk pricing, and order management. Another exciting thing about this plugin is, it has a built-in payment system (WholsaleX Wallet) to collect payments securely. Also, your customer can message anytime with the built-in messaging system. 

Overall, WholesaleX can be one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins for wholesalers to build and manage their own Wholesale website. You can get started with this plugin for free and offer better customer service on your business website.

Features & Benefits:

  • Smooth User Interface: WholesaleX offers a clean, intuitive, attractive, and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Highly Customizable: The plugin has seamless customization options and you can easily use several features. 
  • Dynamic Rules for Particular Discounts:  The dynamic rules help with creating specific rules for specific customers. It helps with setting discounts for users with particular criteria.
  • Price Negotiation: The plugin shows a quote requesting button on the cart page to let the customers start price negotiation.
  • Supports Several Payment Gateways: It comes with a digital WholsaleX Wallet to help the customers add funds to it and use it as a payment method. Plus, it has integrations with a popular payment gateway- PayPal. 
  • Bulk Order Form: You can create quick order lists to purchase instantly or later from the saved order lists. This feature will help the wholesalers to manage big orders.
  • Easy to Create B2B Roles: As a wholesaler, you will need to create unlimited roles to manage multiple users as a group with different pricing. 
  • Built-in Conversation Feature: WooCommerce stores can use the built-in conversation feature to communicate with registered customers.
  • Offers Plenty of Advanced Features: You will get a lot of features like wholesale discounts, tiered pricing, role-based discounts, product visibility control, shipping method-based discounts, tax exemptions, etc. 

Final Words

By the end of the article, we hope you have a clear understanding of how e-commerce for wholesale distribution works and what are the tricks to manage a wholesale website. In addition to the tips on choosing the right e-commerce platforms, we also tried to brag about the easiest way to manage a WooCommerce store. 

By using a WooCommerce wholesale plugin like WholesaleX, you can create and manage an online store for wholesale business easily. Best of luck with your business!

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