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WholesaleX vs Wholesale Suite: Which Plugin to Consider to Create a B2B WooCommerce Wholesale Store?

WholesaleX vs Wholesale Suite

Hello, WordPress enthusiasts, wholesale store owners, and all the upcoming wholesale store entrepreneurs. Welcome to another blog post!

Today, I will compare one of the most uprising WordPress plugins, WholesaleX, with Wholesale Suite. These plugins help users create B2B wholesale WooCommerce stores.

I will do an in-depth inspection and tell you my verdict on the best B2B wholesale plugins among WholesaleX and Wholesale Suite.

Let’s not waste any time and check out both plugins!

WholesaleX vs Wholesale Suite: Which one is the Best?

Let’s start with the basics first, then move towards more in-depth comparisons.

A Brief Introduction to WholesaleX

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, finding the perfect wholesale solution can be a game-changer for your business. WholesaleX is the all-in-one WooCommerce plugin designed to revolutionize your online wholesale store.


WholesaleX is not just a plugin; it’s a powerful tool that transforms your WooCommerce store into a fully functional B2B and B2C hybrid platform. With an intuitive user interface and a collection of the most useful features, WholesaleX simplifies your wholesale operations and enhances the shopping experience for your customers.

A Brief Introduction to Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite offers a set of plugins designed to transform your WooCommerce store into a comprehensive wholesale platform. Wholesale Prices Premium Plugin for WooCommerce, Wholesale Order Form Plugin for WooCommerce, and Wholesale Lead Capture Plugin for WooCommerce let’s create a B2B Wholesale store.

Wholesale Suite

At its core, Wholesale Suite simplifies managing wholesale customers, pricing, and orders within your WooCommerce store. Whether you’re an established wholesale business or just starting, Wholesale Suite offers a range of features and tools to cater to your unique needs.


If we compare the basics, WholesaleX and Wholesale Suite are WordPress plugins to turn your regular WooCommerce store into a B2B Wholesale WooCommerce store.

However, WholesaleX offers an all-in-one solution, while Wholesale Suite offers multiple plugins to fulfill the needs. 

So, WholesaleX is the clear winner in the primary comparison.

Winner: WholesaleX.

Feature Comparison (Short)

FeaturesWholesaleXWholesale Suite
Dynamic Rules
User Roles
Form Builder
Request a Quote
Private Store
Google reCAPTCHA Protection
Email Templates
Tiered Pricing
Shipping Rule
Tax Exemption
Cart Discount
Payment Method Discount
Minimum Order Quantity
Maximum Order Quantity
User Based Pricing
Extra Charge
Product Category Pricing
Attribute Pricing
Partial payment
Coupons Management
Restrict product visibility
Category-specific product visibility control
Automated Email Sequence
User Approvals System
White Label
Product Catalog Customization
Hierarchical category filter
Total Features: 32Available: 30Available: 17
WholesaleX vs Wholesale Suite Feature Comparison

Top Features of WholesaleX

As previously mentioned, WholesaleX is an all-in-one solution. That means it has basic and advanced features together. I’ll share them with you so you don’t miss any useful features you’re looking for.

Dynamic Rules

The primary thing every wholesaler understands is that pricing matters. To thrive in the competitive WooCommerce landscape, you need a pricing strategy that’s adaptable and tailored to your business and customer needs.

Dynamic Rules

WholesaleX is the ultimate solution for simplifying wholesale pricing like never before. Whether working on store-wide discounts or aiming at specific users, roles, or products, WholesaleX allows you to set prices with precision and total control.

With WholesaleX, you can enjoy a variety of dynamic discount types:

  1. Product Discount: Adjust prices for individual products.
  2. Payment Discount: Create special discounts for different payment methods.
  3. Cart Discount: Apply discounts based on the contents of the shopping cart.
  4. Quantity-Based Discount (Tiered Pricing): Reward bulk purchases with tiered pricing discounts.
  5. Shipping Rule: Customize discounts related to shipping options.
  6. Tax Rule: Implement discounts specific to tax rules.
  7. Payment Order Quantity: Set discounts based on payment quantities.
  8. Maximum Order Quantity: Control the maximum order quantities.
  9. Minimum Order Quantity: Define minimum order quantities for specific discounts.
  10. Buy X Get Y (XY): Offer enticing ‘Buy X Get Y’ discounts.
  11. Buy One Get X (BOGO): Provide appealing ‘Buy One Get X’ promotions.
  12. Extra Charge: Include additional charges as part of your pricing strategy.

But WholesaleX offers more than dynamic rules alone. Elevate your discount strategies by setting usage limits and time-specific discounts, taking your pricing to the next level.

This feature separates WholesaleX from Wholesale Suite, because of the major advancements it provides when setting wholesale prices.

User Roles

WholesaleX simplifies the task of managing user roles and access levels to enhance your customers’ experience. It’s all about effortless user management, allowing you to group users, create unlimited user roles, assign users to specific roles, and efficiently administer user groups while providing them with the right perks and imposing necessary conditions.

User Role

WholesaleX goes the extra mile by offering you the flexibility to generate an unlimited array of user roles. You can also extend a helping hand to multiple users by granting them privileges like tax exemptions, free shipping, and seamless role migration.

And when your inventory is running low, WholesaleX has you covered with features like credit limits, temporarily disabling certain payment methods, or restricting coupon usage until you’re back in stock.

With WholesaleX, creating a personalized user experience tailored to your unique needs has never been easier.

This is similar to the Wholesale Suite’s user role, but with more customization and flexibility.

Form Builder

The ability to customize experiences for both B2B and B2C customers can truly set you apart. WholesaleX lets you do exactly that with ease.

Form Builder

WholesaleX’s Registration Form Builder is a game-changing feature that puts the power to create tailored registration forms at your fingertips with remarkable ease and control.

WholesaleX’s Registration Forms Builder is all about convenience. It doesn’t just help you create forms; it allows you to make them accessible anywhere using a simple shortcode. With WholesaleX, you can effortlessly create personalized registration experiences that give you a competitive edge in eCommerce.

Another similar yet better features than Wholesale Suite. As you can create and use the form anywhere with shortcodes.

Bulk Order

Another time-saving solution crafted to enhance the efficiency of your registered users’ purchasing process is the WholesaleX bulk order addon.

Bulk Order

With this addon, registered users can effortlessly select products in bulk, eliminating the need to individually add each item to their cart. Now, they can assemble their orders in a single, streamlined action.

But the advantages don’t end there. It also enables users to save their order lists as Purchase Lists. This handy feature allows them to revisit and reorder from their saved lists at any time, making the entire process quick and easy.

Honestly a similar feature like Wholesale Suite’s catalog mode. But this time, Wholesale Suite wins because the catalog mode is more advances.

Request a Quote

Te “Request A Quote” feature is designed to transform the shopping experience for both customers and store owners. It’s all about making the shopping process simpler, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

Request a Quote

WholesaleX’s “Request A Quote” feature is a must have feature for wholesale store owners. It revolutionizes how customers engage with your store and enhances your ability to cater to their unique needs.

Whether you’re an experienced eCommerce business or just starting out, this feature opens up exciting opportunities for custom pricing, negotiations, and business growth. It’s not just a feature; it’s a strategic advantage.

WholesaleX simply wins here, because Wholesale Suite does not have this feature.

Subaccount Management

WholesaleX’s Subaccount Management addon might be your key to effortlessly creating and managing subaccounts with unmatched precision.


With this powerful feature, you can add, modify, or remove subaccounts with ease, guaranteeing that your team or partners always have the appropriate level of access. It’s the ultimate solution to maintain agility in your eCommerce operations.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive notifications whenever a new subaccount is created, ensuring that you’re in control and can proactively manage your eCommerce ecosystem. Plus, stay informed whenever subaccount holders place orders. It’s all about keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Another feature that WholesaleX have and missing in Wholesale Suite.

Private Store

The Private Store feature of WholesaleX is your secret weapon for creating your shopping environment to perfection. Private Store feature comes into play by revolutionizing your ability to create a more exclusive and controlled shopping environment.

Private Store

With WholesaleX, you can effortlessly turn your store into a private one, ensuring that only registered users can access. Bid farewell to those casual window shoppers and say hello to a focused, engaged audience.

What makes WholesaleX truly special is its flexibility. You have the power to customize the visibility of products, aligning perfectly with your unique business strategy. You can showcase products to specific user groups or roles, crafting an experience that suits different customers.

WholesaleX’s Private Store feature empowers you to optimize a more exclusive, tailored, and secure shopping environment. It’s all about making your online space truly your own.

Very similar to the Wholesale Suite. But a slight advantage WholesaleX provides is the 1-click store privatization setting.


Keep the conversation flowing with your valued Wholesale store customers using the Conversation addon from WholesaleX!

All your registered users can send you messages via this conversation area. It’s the ideal space for them to express their thoughts, ask questions, and find solutions to their concerns.


As the store admin, managing these conversations is a breeze. You’ll have the option to read all the messages and reply promptly. Plus, WholesaleX provides an extra layer of convenience by helping you distinguish between customer messages, whether they’re quotes, inquiries, or general messages.

Wholesale Suite do not have a in-store conversation feature. WholesaleX wins!

WholesaleX Wallet

Wallet Management by WholesaleX is a thoughtful feature designed to make shopping from your WooCommerce store even more convenient.

Imagine this: your users can have a dedicated store wallet where they add funds, which can be used to make hassle-free purchases in the store.

WholesaleX Wallet

Adding funds to their wallet is simple; they can do it using the WooCommerce payment systems you’ve enabled. Once they’ve loaded their wallet, it becomes a payment method for seamless shopping on your site.

But here’s the real bonus: you can encourage users to embrace the wallet by offering exclusive discounts for wallet purchases. This smart strategy keeps customers coming back and enhances their overall shopping experience.

As the store admin, you have full control. You can even manually add credit to a user’s wallet, making it easy to assist when needed.

This is a WholesaleX-only feature so, no chance Wholesale Suite is winning in this feature comparison.

Features of Wholesale Suite

As previously mentioned, Wholesale Suite provides 4 different plugins for a complete solution. Here’s a showdown on the features Wholesale Suite provides:

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices (Free)Wholesale Prices PremiumWholesale Order FormWholesale Lead Capture
Wholesale PricingWholesale Pricing & DiscountsAJAX Enabled add to cart buttonRegistration Form Builder
Wholesale User RoleShipping, Tax & Payment GatewaysWhole catalog on one pageAutomated Email Sequence
Simple & Variable ProductsProduct Catalog CustomizationResponsive Layout for mobiles and tabletsUser Approvals System
Show/Hide Regular PriceMinimum Purchase Rules Wildcard keyword & SKU search boxAutomatic Setup
Hide Prices Behind LoginHierarchical category filter
Disable Coupons


So, as we can see, WholesaleX has features that provide a complete solution. In comparison, Wholesale Suite provides 4 (1 free, 3 premium) to match up to the features. Moreover, WholesaleX has some features that Wholesale Suite does not. And Wholesale Suite has one specific feature (the catalog mode), which WholesaleX doesn’t have. However, WholesaleX’s bulk order form is a similar solution, a with less searching option.

So, my verdict on the overall features and solutions they provide is WholesaleX. But if catalog mode is a must for you, then you can go for Wholesale Suite.

Winner: WholesaleX (Based on Total Feature Count).

Ease of Use (WholesaleX vs Wholesale Suite)

When you pick a plugin, the first thing you check is its features and then how easy it is to use. 

WholesaleX is a plugin that is easy to use and intuitive, with no coding required and minimal effort needed. The settings are grouped and divided into specific sections.

Wholesale Suite, on the other hand, is also an easy-to-use plugin. However, the settings are more scattered. So, users might face some trouble finding the appropriate settings intuitively.


I used both plugins and found out that WholesaleX is much easier to use, and the compact settings let me set up my B2B wholesale store in no time. Wholesale Suite does the job fine, but it took me a bit more time to set up as I’ve had trouble finding some settings.

Winner: WholesaleX.


Let’s check out the support system for both plugins.

Support from WholesaleX

Now, let’s come to the support for WholesaleX. They have amazing live support. I’ve faced some issues with subaccounts management, and the live support team helped me sort out the issues in no time.

Support from Wholesale Suite

Just like others, when I face an issue, I hope to get solutions as soon as possible. But Wholesale Suite does not have live chat system, so I had to go through with their support ticket system.

SupportWholesaleXWholesale Suite
Live Chat
Support Ticket


With live support from WholesaleX, it’s my clear winner. 

Winner: WholesaleX.


Let’s explore the documentation / knowledge base both plugins provide.

Documentation of WholesaleX

WholesaleX has amazing documentation for each and every feature and setting. Those are easy to find, and with multiple images and step-by-step solutions, anyone can use WholesaleX without any trouble.

Documentation (Knowledge base) of Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite calls their documentation knowledge base. They have okay-ish documentation. They also provide proper images, but the thing I should mention is that their starting guide felt like slapping all their features and settings in one place. So, if I had to find any specific settings, I needed to scroll down and down till I found my desired one.

Documentation / Knowledge BaseWholesaleXWholesale Suite
Search Option
Easy to Find
Feature-based Specific Documentations
Proper Images
Video Guide
Step-by-step Solution


WholesaleX is the clear winner here, without a doubt.

Winner: WholesaleX.

Price / Pricings

Let’s move towards a pricings of both plugins.

Price of WholesaleX

WholesaleX has 2 pricing plans: Yearly and Lifetime. The Yearly plan starts from 129$. And the Lifetime plan starts from 249$.

Price of Wholesale Suite Bundle

Wholesale Suite bundle doesn’t have a lifetime plan, and they have only yearly plans. They have 2 pricing plans: single site license and unlimited site license. The single site license costs 297$.

PricingsWholesaleXWholesale Suite
Yearly Plan
Lifetime Plan
1-site Yearly129$297$
1-site Lifetime249$


If we consider the plans and prices, WholesaleX provides better options for the users.

Winner: WholesaleX.

Final Verdict – WholesaleX is the Winner

In the final verdict, WholesaleX emerges as the superior choice when compared to Wholesale Suite. It offers a more streamlined, all-in-one solution for transforming regular WooCommerce stores into B2B wholesale stores. WholesaleX excels in features, ease of use, support, documentation, and pricing, making it the preferred option for those looking to create B2B wholesale WooCommerce stores. 

Which One is BetterWholesaleXWholesale Suite
Basic Comparison⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of Use⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Total Star Count ( out of 30 ⭐)30⭐17⭐

However, if catalog mode is a specific requirement, Wholesale Suite could be considered, but overall, WholesaleX stands out as the clear winner.

So, my final winner between WholesaleX vs Wholesale Suite is 🎉 WholesaleX. 🎊

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