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WooCommerce Wholesale Registration Form: How to Create a Custom one Via Shortcode

WooCommerce Wholesale Registration Form

WooCommerce is a blessing, especially for small business owners. With this free plugin, new and growing companies can easily create their online store in WordPress. But it has some lackings too. If you want to start a Wholesaling Business, only this single plugin is not enough.

For that, so many features and requirements must be present. For example, WooCommerce Wholesale Registration Form. So what to do? Can’t we create B2B stores in WooCommerce? 

Yes, we can, but we have to look for finely crafted plugins for WooCommerce that provide our required features. There are lots of essential elements for an ideal B2B Wholesale store. But today, we will talk about the registration form. So, how to create WooCommerce Wholesale Registration Form?

You need to follow the below steps to create a custom registration form in WooCommerce:

Step – 1. Install WholesaleX

Step – 2. Start Creating a Custom Registration Form

Step – 3. Add Custom Fields 

Step – 4. Configure the Registration Form 

Step – 5. Create a Registration & Login Page Via Shortcode

Why We Should Create a Separate Registration Form in WooCommerce

Before going into the in-depth explanation of creating a custom registration form, we should have a clear idea about this. Why and when must we create a custom form for the B2B users?

As we know, WooCommerce comes with a default login & registration form in our “My Account Page .”So, do we need to create a new one?

The default form is for B2C customers. And, it will not be enough if you want to manage both B2C and B2B users together. Not only that, but with the customs form, we can also add custom fields to collect additional information that would be required for effectively managing B2B customers.

How to Create a WooCommerce Wholesale Registration Form Via Shortcode

Now that we have a clear idea about the necessity of a custom registration form, it’s time to dive into the process of creating a custom one.

Step – 1. Install WholesaleX

As mentioned, we need to get a plugin to add the required functionalities to our existing WooCommerce sites. WholesaleX is the perfect solution for you.

It doesn’t only let us create a custom registration form, but it also comes with all other essential features. 

To install the free version of WholesaleX, you need to:

  • Go to the plugin section, and click on the add new button.
  • Search for “WholesaleX.”
  • Install and activate the plugin to start using it.
Install WholesaleX
Install WholesaleX

Step – 2. Start Creating a Custom Registration Form

After properly installing and activating the WholesaleX plugin, we can start creating the custom form. So, from your site’s dashboard, go to the Registration Form section of WholesaleX.

Start Creating a Custom Registration Form
Start Creating a Custom Registration Form

Here we can see that a basic form is already ready for us. Now we just need to add additional fields and configure it as per our needs.

Step – 3. Add Custom Fields 

One of the main things an ideal form builder should have is a custom fields-adding option. And, WholesaleX’s form builder also comes with that option.

We need to click on the “Add New” button to add a new field in the form. Here, we can see multiple field selection options. Some are predefined, and some are custom which need to be configured according to our requirements.

For now, let’s add a custom field and configure it. For example, we want to add a Tax/Vat number field.

Add Custom Fields
Add Custom Fields

So, we need to add the “Number” field. Then we need to change the label and placeholder text of the field. And, also add the name of the field.

Configuring Fields
Configuring Fields

Similarly, we can add any of the predefined or custom filed and configure them as well. Let’s explore more configuration options in the next step.

Step – 4. Configure the Registration Form 

Now, let’s explore the configuration options. All of the fields of the form builder can be configured individually. We need to click on the field to see its configuration options.

We have already seen the first two options; now, let’s see the next options. Here, we can see two toggle options, one is for making the field mandatory, and another is for hiding the label.

Further Configuration Options
Further Configuration Options

The next option is to add a helping text. Adding any text here will be visible under the placeholder area of the field. So it will be easier for the users to understand the fields’ requirements.

There is also an option to hide individual fields by user roles. So, the user under those roles will not see the hidden fields.

Last but not least, we can decide whether we want to display the field on the registration form, billing form, or both of them.

Step – 5 Create a Custom Registration & Login Page Via Shortcode

After properly configuring the form, we are ready to create a custom registration page along with this form.

Get Shortcode
Get Shortcode

We need to click the “Get Shortcode” button for that. After clicking on the button, we can see various options. That’s because we have multiple user roles created on our site. And we can see shortcodes for each of the user roles.

Create New Page for Registration Form
Create New Page for the Registration Form

However, we want to use the global registration form for all users. For that, we need to copy the “Global Shortcode .” We also want to display the login form, so we are ticking the checkbox.

Create New Page for Registration Form
Create New Page for the Registration Form

After copying the shortcode, we need to create a new page or go to an existing page where we want to display the registration & login form. We must add a title to the page and the “Shortcode” block.

Creating Separate Registration and Login Form
Creating Separate Registration and Login Forms

Now, we can paste the copied shortcode and publish the page. That’s all; we have successfully created the logging and registration page. Now, let’s go to the front end and see how it looks from a user’s perspective.

Custom Registration and Login Page
Custom Registration and Login Page

Bonus: Explore the Setting Panel

Now that we have successfully created the registration form, we also should be familiar with the setting panel. So we can properly understand the further configuring options.

To explore the available options, we need to go to the setting panel of WholesaleX and click on the “Registration & Login” section. 

Now, let’s see what we can do with the available options:

Setting Panel of WholesaleX Form Builder
Setting Panel of WholesaleX Form Builder
  • User Login Option: This option lets us choose between whether the registered users will be logged in automatically or if they need to log in manually. 
  • User Status Option: Here, we have to select from three options, auto-user approval upon Registration, email verification, and admin approval.
  • Separate My Account Page for B2B Users: We can choose a separate “My account” page for the B2B users. 
  • Show Registration Form For Logged-In User: Usually, the registered user will not see the registration form. However, we can display it to them if we want.
  • Redirect Page URL (After Registration): This option allows us to redirect the users once they register on our site.
  • Redirect Page URL (After Login): We can also redirect users to our desired page once they log in.
  • Registration Successful Message: Here, we can add a custom confirmation message for registration completion. 
  • Registration Form Message For Logged-In User: Here, we can add a custom message it will display to the registered users if they visit the registration page.


So that’s all about the WooCommerce Registration Form. We hope now you can properly create your custom registration form with desired fields. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you face any issues regarding the WholesaleX Form Builder. And don’t forget to explore other interesting features of the WholesaleX plugin.

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Written byOmith Hasan

I am a professional blogger since 2016. I love to explore and write about different types of WordPress themes and plugins. When not writing, I try to learn and implement new SEO strategies.


  1. Christopher Prince

    October 2, 2023

    Great explanation of the registration form.
    What I am interested in:
    1. The logic for having one registration form for B2B and B2C users? The drop down to select role is a bit much for B2C users I think, that makes me prefer the WooCommerce form for B2C users. What stops a B2C user initiation the B2B process in the WholesaleX option?
    2. I cannot see anywhere how the presentation of the Wholesale X form can be styled so that it inherits the Site them with colours and headers etc?

  2. Omith Hasan

    October 3, 2023

    Thank you for your appreciation.

    I understand your logic regarding the dropdown to select roles for B2C users. Here’s a few things I can suggest:

    1. You can create 2 separate forms for B2B and B2C users and create separate pages or both sections on the same page.

    2. You can use the default WooCommerce registration for B2C users.

    3. B2C users can use the store without registration if you enable the B2B+B2C hybrid mode from settings. In that case, users without roles will not get the B2B discounts but still can see and purchase the products at regular prices. (Note: If you enable “Make the store private,” then the store will only be exclusive to registered users.)

    I hope that clarifies everything.

    We don’t have any styling options for the registration form to keep it simple. It simply inherits the color of the themes you are currently using. But you can submit your suggestions here: The developer team always monitors these suggestions and implements them accordingly.

    Thank you for using WholesaleX, and if you have any issues, please let us know.

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