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Best WooCommerce Private Store Plugins

Best WooCommerce Private Store Plugins

In the world of e-commerce, sometimes you need to offer an exclusive experience to your customers. Whether running a members-only store, a B2B venture, or a wholesale shop, having the right tools can make all the difference. That’s where WooCommerce Private Store Plugins come into play!

This blog post will introduce you to top-notch plugins that can transform your regular WooCommerce store into an exclusive haven. With these plugins, you can hide prices, products, and content or even introduce quote requests for a personalized customer journey.

Let’s dive in and discover how these plugins can elevate your WooCommerce game and provide a tailored shopping experience for your valued customers. Get ready to unlock the power of WooCommerce like never before!

Best WooCommerce Private Store Plugins

Here comes the best WooCommerce private store plugins at your disposal:

WholesaleX – The Simplest WooCommerce B2B Solution


WholesaleX is the top pick when it comes to creating a WooCommerce private store. It offers a simple yet strong solution to transform your regular store into a private or members-only shopping platform. 

Creating private stores should be easy. And guess what? Hiding stores from guests or peeping users is not a hassle anymore. The easy-to-use and uprising plugin WholesaleX is here to save you time and challenges. 

With WholesaleX, you can make your store private in just one click. Also, installing WholesaleX is easy and quick. Within the plugin’s settings, a simple checkbox lets you turn your WooCommerce store into a private store.

Key Features:

  • Make your store private with a single click.
  • Restrict product visibility based on user roles.
  • Organize products by categories and decide who sees them.
  • Control access for specific users.
  • Hide individual products from guests.
  • Change the visibility of all or specific products.
  • Offer exclusive discounts to specific users or user roles.
  • Enable login to view prices.

WooCommerce Members Only Plugin

WooCommerce Members Only Plugin

Imagine having your members-only store where users can access exclusive products. This plugin lets you create a super unique WooCommerce private store just for your members. Non-members won’t even know what they’re missing! You can set up different membership levels and decide who gets access to what.

Republic lets you choose what’s visible to members and what’s not. Plus, you can give your store a unique look to match your style.

Key Features:

  • Restrict access based on user roles, passwords, or if users are logged in.
  • Create different levels of access with user roles.
  • Control what content members can see.
  • Show or hide product prices from members.

Hide Prices & Private Store Plugin

This plugin is perfect for private memberships, B2B ventures, and wholesale shops. It’s a great solution to hide prices, products, and content, or introduce quote requests for a tailored customer experience on your WooCommerce private store.

Key Features:

  • Hide your shop and its products from prying eyes.
  • Create fully private stores by mandating login for access.
  • Hide prices on a per-product, per-category, or even per-variation basis.
  • Restrict price visibility based on user roles.
  • Tailor your store by hiding prices based on the user’s country (IP-based).
  • Fine-tune the shopping experience by hiding the Add to Cart button.
  • Craft personalized messages like “Login to view prices” to engage your audience effectively.

Build a Private Store For WooCommerce

Build Private Store For WooCommerce

Build Private Store For WooCommerce is another solution to create exclusive access for your valued customers. This user-friendly plugin allows you to seamlessly restrict access to specific products, categories, or pages, ensuring a personalized shopping experience. Let’s see how this plugin helps you with creating a WooCommerce private store.

Key Features:

  • Hide selected products and pages from guest customers.
  • Encourage registrations by hiding prices until login.
  • For added privacy, disable user login access.
  • Ensure guest users cannot access protected content.


Setting your store apart is essential in the competitive world of online stores. Whether you want to create a members-only haven, serve B2B clients, or run a private wholesale operation, WooCommerce Private Store Plugins are your secret weapon.

These plugins offer simplicity and versatility, allowing you to easily hide prices, products, and content by enabling a WooCommerce private store. They provide a personalized shopping experience that keeps your customers returning for more.

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