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How WholesaleX as a Standalone B2B Plugin Replace Multiple Ones

WholesaleX as a Standalone B2B Plugin

Want to start wholesaling using WooCommerce? The first thing everyone does is, type: “How to start a WooCommerce wholesale business?” in Google and hit enter! Google shows a variety of plugins that will help you create your wholesale B2B website!

Obviously, you’ll need some basic features to create a successful WooCommerce business. And, most people use multiple plugins to get all the required features. 

But, the businesses that actually stand out don’t use a lot of plugins. They use plugins that give a complete solution!

Today I will tell you the tale about one such plugin. If you ask me, it’s an all-in-one solution. So, let me introduce WholesaleX! The simplest standalone B2B plugin to create wholesale stores.

Let’s not waste any more time and get into details right now!

What is B2B Wholesale?

In e-commerce, there are many types of businesses. B2B wholesale is one of the most common among them. B2B businesses sell products and services in large quantities. On the other hand, wholesale customers are looking to buy products in bulk.

For example, a retail customer would get a shirt of their choice. But, wholesale customers would buy 10 pieces instead of just 1. 

But to create a wholesale business you’ll have to make sure it meets all the criteria of customers. B2B businesses commonly use different plugins to handle different tasks. 

But now, there’s a new solution that aims to change how you handle your wholesale business. You can now say farewell to dealing with multiple plugins because WholesaleX the standalone B2B plugin is here. It’s an all-in-one B2B plugin that makes things simpler.

Challenges with Multiple Plugins

Managing a wholesale business is hard in WooCommerce. There are lots of things you need to take care of. Managing inventory, setting competitive prices and discounts, taking care of orders and shipping are all important aspects of a B2B business.

And using lots of plugins makes it even more tough. The total expense of plugins, compatibility issues, and the difficulty of handling multiple plugins can be too much to handle. 

To create a working WooCommerce B2B store, you’ll need the following features:

  • Dynamic pricing and discount rules
  • Wholesale bulk order form
  • Tiered pricing table
  • Private store
  • Request a quote.

You can get these features using the following plugins:

  • Wholesale Suite
  • Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
  • Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce
  • Tiered Pricing Table
  • Private Store
  • Request a Quote

These are just the basics or must-have WooCommerce wholesale plugins for your store. Each of them serves a specific purpose and makes your WooCommerce B2B business a success. 

Managing these handful of plugins might be difficult. Why? Because, they might not have full compatibility with each other. And this will affect and sometime might break your wholesale B2B website. For a running business, that’s a huge setback. And, the loss comes with it is massive.

But, WholesaleX is here to solve your problems. It has all the features mentioned above!

Why don’t I talk about each plugin and compare it with WholesaleX? You’ll understand why it’s superior and provides an all-round solution and performance!

Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is a well-known WooCommerce B2B plugin that helps you with your wholesale B2B website. But, there’s a huge drawback. Wholesale suite gives you the necessary features, but you have to use 4 different plugins. And, more plugins means slower websites, we all know that! 

Wholesale Suite

Here’s the 4 plugins from the wholesale suite, you’ll need if you are trying to make your WooCommerce B2B store!

  • WooCommerce Wholesale Prices
  • Wholesale Prices Premium
  • Wholesale Order Form
  • Wholesale Lead Capture

Although their 4 plugins are compatible with each other, it might now work with other plugins we’ll talk about next. And the bundle price of Wholesale Suite is 298$ per year.

On the other hand, you’ll get all of the features in WholesaleX. And, it also has features like dynamic rules to help you set your discounts for different audiences.

We have made an in-depth comparison between WholesaleX and Wholesale Suite! If you want to dive deep and know what it provides and understand why it’s better, do give it a read!

Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules

Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules is a plugin from AOVUP (Formerly WooSuite). You can take care of discount rules and dynamic pricing options. Tiered pricing, min/max order quantity, BOGO are some of the examples. But, the annual price may surprise you, as it is a hefty $99 per year.

Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules - WooSuite

WholesaleX also has dynamic rules features. And you can create a total of 12 different discount rules. With options to one click enable or disable, it gives you ultimate freedom to make your store a success. 

Wholesale Bulk Order Form

Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce is a feature-rich plugin that enables bulk selling options for your store. With customizable tables, one-page checkout, and quick view options, users can create bulk order forms. But it costs $79 per year!

Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce

Now guess what? WholesaleX has bulk order form too? Yes, it has the bulk order form feature, and it’s simple to use, easier to customize! Check how easy it is to use the WholesaleX bulk order form right here!

Tiered Pricing Table

Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce offers dynamic pricing based on product quantity, ideal for wholesalers and discount scales. Users can create unlimited tiered pricing ranges and apply rules globally or for specific categories, roles, or customers. The plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce features. This plugin also priced $79 yearly.

With WholesaleX, you can create quantity-based tiered pricing in no time. With all the options like the plugin mentioned above, it also gives you design templates for your tiered pricing table. This means, you won’t have any trouble displaying tiered pricing in your WooCommerce store.

Private Store

WooCommerce Private Store by Barn2 lets you create a WooCommerce private store. You can hide specific pages for enhanced privacy. And this plugin will cost you $79 per year. 

Barn2 WooCommerce Private Store

WholesaleX also lets you make your store private. You can control individual product visibility, adjust product category visibility, hide products from specific users/user roles and more. 

Request a Quote

YITH Request a Quote for WooCommerce introduced a seamless quoting system. With this plugin, customers can effortlessly request quotes, initiating a streamlined negotiation process. 

Yith Request a Quote

WholesaleX’s “Request a Quote” lets customers easily start negotiations on your WooCommerce store.  It has easy-to-use interface, so you won’t face any troubles. You can display a “Request a Quote” button on the cart page to let customers negotiate.

WholesaleX – A standalone B2B plugin: All in One Solution

So, we can see we need a total of 9 different plugins to create a successful WooCommerce store. Let’s summarize the plugins and its costing. Here’s a basic pricing these plugins will cost you:

Wholesale Suite (4 plugins)$298 / Year
Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules$99 / Year
Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce$79 / Year
Tiered Pricing Table$79 / Year
Private Store$79 / Year
Request a Quote$79 / Year
Total: 9Total: $718 / Year

As we can see from the table, the subtotal costs of these 9 different plugins equals $718 per year.


But, WholesaleX gives you all these features in a single plugin and that too with a price point of $90 a year. This means you are getting a MASSIVE 87% saving over the year! Which you can use to boost your business further.

And that’s just not it! It has some other features which will give your WooCommerce store a massive boost!

After this comparison, everything should be clear to you! Now is the moment to rethink your WooCommerce store! Get a simpler and a complete solution that works well without any drawbacks.

Why Should You Get WholesaleX?

Here are a few factors to consider for choosing WholesaleX:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: It provides a significant cost advantage by consolidating multiple subscriptions into one transparent pricing structure.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatibility issues become a thing of the past as it seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce. And, you’ll have perfect compatibility with ProductX, to create your store pages.
  • Simplified Management: Bid farewell to the logistical nightmare of managing multiple plugins. It simplifies your workflow, offering a unified interface for all B2B operations.
  • Improved Performance: Without compromising performance, it enhances efficiency and responsiveness, promising an improved overall experience.
  • State of the Art Support: Never face any troubles as the powerful and dedicated support team. Gives you the finest experience.

More Features from WholesaleX

This plugin also provides some advanced features for your WooCommerce business. Let me tell you about those in short.

Sub Account Management: You’ll need specific access for different employees for a big and successful business. Sub account management lets you effortlessly create, modify, or remove sub accounts. It ensures precise access levels for your team or partners. Receive notifications for new sub account creation and stay in control of your WooCommerce operations. 

Conversation Addon: A proper communication with customers is important for any business. This addon guarantees an easier way of communication with customers. You can also manage conversations effortlessly as a store admin, and differentiate messages into quotes, inquiries, and general messages.

Wallet Management: It introduces a dedicated wallet. It allows users to add funds and make purchases. If you want to increase customer retention, this addon is perfect for you. As, you can let customers use their wallet as a payment method, and give bonus or cashbacks in their wallet as admin.

Integration with Dokan and WCFM: It has perfect integration with Dokan and WCFM Marketplace. It lets you create a B2B multivendor marketplace with ease and opens options to give wholesale discounts with dynamic rules. This opens a whole new opportunity for your business growth!

White Label: If you’re an agency and give customized solutions for WooCommerce B2B stores, white label is there for you. You can hide the WholesaleX branding and add your own branding to create a better customer experience. However, selling WholesaleX itself under a different brand is prohibited. The Agency bundle includes a White Label addon, enabling customization of the plugin’s branding for a personalized client experience.


While there are lots of WooCommerce B2B plugins, WholesaleX emerges as a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, streamlining your B2B operations. Stop the hassle of multiple plugins because this standalone B2B plugin provides essential features in a single plugin. That means you get all the features in a single plugin.

Choosing WholesaleX as your primary B2B plugin for WooCommerce is a strategic move toward simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced functionality. 

Elevate your business operations, enjoy seamless integration, and optimize your B2B transactions with WholesaleX: the all-in-one solution for WooCommerce.

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